Background - Practices (Details)

Class Actions


Crowell handled hundreds of class actions and mass actions in state and federal courts across the U.S., regularly serving as lead and coordinating counsel for multidistrict litigation. We are among a select group of lawyers to have successfully defended certified class actions at trial and have extensive experience handling appeals at every level, including before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Experience-driven collaborative approach

Crowell’s class action team recognizes that while no two class actions are alike, a successful defense depends on these key factors:

  • A deep understanding of our clients’ industries, business practices, challenges, and goals
  • A flexible approach driven by experience at every step
  • Collaboration among our team, our clients, other defendants and their law firms, as well as experts and public relations professionals  
  • National reach and resources

Our first steps in any engagement are to develop a full understanding of the legal, business and technical issues at hand, and gain clear insights into our clients’ immediate and long-term goals. On this foundation, we build and execute an effective class action defense strategy tailored to our clients’ needs.

Although we are focused on defeating class certification at the threshold, we are also well-known for our trial expertise. We also excel at negotiating individual and class settlements that align with our clients’ goals and can minimize unwelcome scrutiny by regulators, the media, and the general public. Our ultimate objective is to resolve the litigation as quickly and efficiently as possible while defending the reputation of the company, its brands, and its products in the court of law and the court of public opinion.

We also have significant experience representing clients operating in heavily regulated industries, including automotive, consumer products, education, financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications, technology, and transportation.