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Trade Secrets


Heightened competition, international threats, and the implementation of a widespread remote workforce have made the need to protect trade secrets more important than ever. Trade secrets are invaluable company assets that provide an essential competitive advantage.

Our interdisciplinary team of trade secret lawyers have a depth of experience that includes litigation, employment, antitrust, white collar, and intellectual property in the U.S. and abroad and routinely guides businesses through all aspects of the trade secret life cycle, from development through protection.

Our experience covers virtually every sector and industry of the economy, including developers of high-tech hardware and software; biotech and pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers; medical device companies; automotive and industrial automation manufacturers; and food and beverage companies.  More than 80 of our attorneys have science and engineering degrees in such fields as computer science, electrical engineering, materials science, organic chemistry, chemical engineering, biochemistry, pharmacology, biomedical engineering, biology, applied physics, aeronautical engineering, and mechanical engineering, among others, and we leverage these backgrounds to provide result-focused representation.

We represent domestic and international companies in all industries including:

  • Litigating the highest profile civil and criminal disputes, including obtaining the largest contested trade secret verdict in history.
  • Advising companies on protecting trade secrets through audits, strategic portfolio analyses, and developing robust on-boarding and off-boarding programs to ensure clients do not inadvertently obtain a competitor’s trade secrets after recruiting and hiring new employees or allow trade secrets to walk out the door with departing employees.
  • Helping clients protect proprietary information through preparation and negotiation of a range of noncompetition, non-solicitation, and confidentiality agreements for senior executives and managers as well as appropriate agreements for supplier and customer relationships.
  • Engaging directly with policymakers to address the rapidly expanding scale of trade secrets misappropriation and pursue legal and public policy responses to improve trade secret protections.
  • Taking active and dynamic litigation strategies to stem the loss of critical information, prevent further misappropriation of clients’ confidential information, and achieve appropriate redress.

Our team of lawyers also produce the Trade Secrets Trends blog which is read internationally and participate in multiple organizations including the ABA, AIPLA, and Sedona Conference.