Background - Privacy & Cybersecurity

Privacy and Cybersecurity


Today’s businesses operate in an environment marked by evolving and complex data protection laws and relentless cyber attacks by both private and state-sponsored actors. Remaining competitive while ensuring regulatory compliance across multiple jurisdictions and implementing a strong cyber defense can be daunting. Crowell offers companies an integrated approach to managing privacy and cybersecurity risks combining legal, technical, and regulatory experience in a single seamless team across global markets.

Crowell’s Privacy & Cybersecurity Group includes lawyers with extensive government, in-house, consulting, and technical experience across multiple industries. Where necessary, we integrate Crowell’s intellectual property, corporate, insurance, white collar, trade secrets, health care, energy, transportation, and government contracts capabilities to address the privacy and cybersecurity risks faced by our clients. We also work closely with our affiliate, C&M International, which is deeply involved with the privacy laws of Pacific Rim nations. Our lawyers regularly work with forensic professionals and coordinate with law enforcement.

Our Services

Risk Assessment and Compliance

Our team facilitates enterprise-wide cybersecurity and privacy risk assessments to mitigate threats and enhance legal compliance, including:

  • Holistic compliance strategies and assessments focused on industry-specific best practices and applicable laws, such as GDPR, CPRA, COPPA, HIPAA, and GLBA, as well as other government standards, such as the DFARS and CMMC.
  • Custom-designed incident response plans and training—through tabletop exercises and other tools—to ensure organizations respond efficiently and effectively to an incident.

Crisis Management and Investigations

We represent a wide range of clients who have experienced cyber and data incidents. Our work includes:

  • Responding to and managing privacy and data security incidents.
  • Crisis management when a privacy or security vulnerability is made public.
  • Collaborating with technical consultants as appropriate to determine the cause of the incident or system compromise.
  • Implementing long-term remediation solutions.
  • Engaging with federal and state enforcement agencies, as well as private stakeholders.

Regulatory and Litigation Defense

Our lawyers defend clients against class actions, regulatory enforcement actions, and other high-profile privacy/cyber–related matters that pose an existential threat in the digital economy. The team is recognized for developing proactive cyber strategies to disrupt and dismantle criminal organizations engaged in cybercrimes.