• University of Namur, B.A. (1999)
  • Catholic University of Leuven, LL.M. (2002) cum laude
  • Catholic University of Brussels / Catholic University of Leuven, LL.M. intellectual property law (2006) magna cum laude
  • Free University of Brussels (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Ph.D. copyright (2011)


  • Belgium


  • Dutch (Native)
  • English (Fluent)
  • French (Fluent)
  • German (Basic)

Sari Depreeuw


Sari Depreeuw is a partner in Crowell & Moring’s Brussels office and a member of the firm’s Technology & Brand Protection Group. She focuses on copyright and digital law, with more than 15 years of experience advising and representing a wide range of Belgian, European, and international clients on copyright, neighboring rights, software and database rights, and on all issues relating to the access to, acquisition and use of digital assets.

Sari has in-depth experience working with clients from the media and entertainment, technology, medical services, autonomous vehicles, and digital sectors, including both start-ups and major international companies. She frequently represents clients before the Belgian courts.

Sari is an active member of the Belgian copyright community. She conducted studies for both the European Commission and the Belgian government on the subject of copyright. She is also president of the Belgian Copyright Association, a member of the editorial board of Computerrecht, a peer-reviewed Dutch-Belgian IT journal, and a board member of Jubilee, an artists’ organization. She is a part-time professor at the UCLouvain/Université Saint-Louis Bruxelles, where she teaches intellectual property and media law.

Representative Matters

  • Represented a major Belgian book publisher in litigation concerning the publishing and audiovisual rights attached to a graphic character. 
  • Represented an international software company in a dispute with a software integrator and its licensor, and negotiated a settlement.
  • Represented the Belgian government in a question concerning copyright and competition law before the Court of Justice of the European Union. 
  • Analyzed resale rights in order to define the legal obligations of a well-reputed, international art gallery and adapted contracts as necessary.
  • Audited authors’ and performers’ contracts for a broadcasting organization.



Admitted to practice: in Belgium and before the European Court

Speeches & Presentations

  • "EU Data Strategy: How the Data Governance Act and the Data Act will Facilitate the Access to and the Reuse of Data," Crowell & Moring Webinar 2022. (May 5, 2022). Speaker: Sari Depreeuw.
  • "Selected IP/IT Topics in a Digital Environment," Crowell & Moring Webinar (February 24, 2022). Speakers: Kristof Roox, Jan-Diederik Lindemans, Sari Depreeuw, Maarten Stassen.
  • “Digital Services Act: Will the DSA put the Trolls back in their Caves?,” Annual Conference on European Media Law 2021 (June 17, 2021). Speaker: Sari Depreeuw.
  • “Internationalisation & Protection of IP,” Scaleup Vlaanderen (June 15, 2021). Speaker: Sari Depreeuw.
  • “Data & AI in the Media Sector. Legal Mapping of Dependencies and Opportunities”, VUB Media Economics Programme (Technology, Innovation, and Metrics) (February 11, 2021). Guest Lecturer: Sari Depreeuw.
  • “Data Hiding, Sharing, and Control: How to Create a Legal 'Safe Space' for Data Transactions?”, DALDEWOLF Breakfast at Stephanie’s (February 9, 2021). Speaker: Sari Depreeuw.
  • “Internationalisation & Protection of IP,” Scaleup Vlaanderen (December 8, 2020). Speaker: Sari Depreeuw.
  • "Intellectual Property & Secrets: Why Open Innovation Makes your Lawyer Nervous,” NTN Innovation Booster (November 20, 2020). Speaker: Sari Depreeuw.
  • “IP, 'Ownership' and Data”, Summer Course on European IT Law, Academy of European Law ERA (September 17, 2020). Lecturer: Sari Depreeuw.
  • “Access and Re-use of Data”, Summer Course on European IT Law, Academy of European Law ERA (September 17, 2020). Guest Lecturer: Sari Depreeuw.
  • "AI and the Idea/Expression Feedback Loop,” Autonomy & AI: Who is Using Who?, Shifting Proximities Garden—Nxt Museum, Ars Electronica (Electronic Arts Festival) (September 9, 2020). Presenter: Sari Depreeuw.
  • “Legal Protection of Data”, Vrije Universiteit Brussels (PILC Programme) (March 2020). Guest Lecturer: Sari Depreeuw.
  • “Resale Right in Belgium: Some Practical Guidance,” General Assembly of BUP (Belgische Moderne en Hedendaagse Kunstgaleries) (March 2020). Presenter: Sari Depreeuw.
  • "La Responsabilité des Intermédiaires à la Lumière de la Nouvelle Directive 'Digital Single Market,' " UB3 - Les Droits Intellectuels, Entre Autres Droits Intersections, Interactions et Interrogations, Université Saint Louis Bruxelles (December 16, 2019). Speaker: Sari Depreeuw.
  • "Nieuwkomer in het auteursrecht: de aanbieder van een onlinedienst voor het delen van content" (Lecture on Art. 17 DSM Directive), Copyright Seminar, IPTalking #3 (November 27, 2019). Lecturer: Sari Depreeuw.
  • "Data & AI in the Media Sector: Legal Mapping of Dependencies and Opportunities," VUB Media Economics Course, Vrije Universiteit Brussels (October 24, 2019). Lecturer: Sari Depreeuw.
  • “Big Data and GDPR,” Big Data Course, Beta CoWork (June 4, 2019). Lecturer: Sari Depreeuw.
  • “EU General Data Protection Regulation,” Compliance Pro Training, ICC Albania (May 22, 2019). Presenter: Sari Depreeuw.
  • "Legal Machine Learning: Limits to the Flexibility of the Law," AI and Legal Issues Seminar, Sirris/Agoria (May 9, 2019). Speaker: Sari Depreeuw.
  • "Cable Transmissions: Peace at Last? Belgian Perspective," ABA/BVA (April 29, 2019). Speaker: Sari Depreeuw.
  • "Protection of Personal Data—Compliance with the GDPR and National Laws," IFE Benelux (March 27, 2019). Speaker: Sari Depreeuw.
  • "Big Data and GDPR," Big Data Course, Beta CoWork (March 21, 2019). Lecturer: Sari Depreeuw.
  • "Data Protection," Compliance Pro Training, International Chamber of Commerce, Brussels (January 10, 2019). Speaker: Sari Depreeuw.
  • "The taxman Always Rings Twice: Aspects Fiscaux du Droit d’Auteur," Breakfast at Stephanie’s, Brussels (January 7, 2019). Speaker: Sari Depreeuw.
  • "Data and Legal Protection" (Master Class in Media Economics Course), VUB, Brussels (December 19, 2018). Lecturer: Sari Depreeuw.
  • "Protecting AI (About the Scorpion and the Frog)," Joint Event "Predict my Prediction" DALDEWOLF & Lombard Odier, Brussels (December 6, 2018). Speaker: Sari Depreeuw.
  • "RGPD en Pratique pour les Fiduciaires, Avocats et les Professions Liberals," Centre d'Etudes de Droit Comptable et Fiscal, Brussels (October 2, 2018). Speaker: Sari Depreeuw.
  • "An Introduction to Intellectual Property Law," BECI (May 28, 2018). Speaker: Sari Depreeuw.
  • "GDPR Best Practices for NGOs and Community Organisations," Webinar (March 9, 2018). Speaker: Sari Depreeuw.
  • "Why Your Lawyer is Afraid of Open Innovation," Hack Belgium Meetup (March 7, 2018). Guest Speaker: Sari Depreeuw.
  • "First Aid to GDPR," Lunch Talk at ICAB (February 7, 2018). Speaker: Sari Depreeuw.
  • "Challenges to GDPR Implementation: Individual and Collective Redress," EDPS-Civil Society Summit 2018, Brussels (2018). Moderator: Sari Depreeuw.
  • "Monitoring Illegal Content Online: Notice-and-action Procedures," EDPS-Civil Society Summit 2018, Brussels (2018). Moderator: Sari Depreeuw.
  • "Auteursrecht in de Audiovisuele Sector. Resultaten van de Studie Naar Juridische en Economische Aspecten," Overlegcomité Audiovisuele Sector, FOD Economie (December 15, 2017). Speaker: Sari Depreeuw.
  • "Data, Profiling & GDPR," The Impact of FinTech, FinTech Belgium Summit Brussels 2017 (December 14, 2017). Speaker: Sari Depreeuw.
  • "Evolving Intellectual Property Rights in the Digital Economy: On Data Ownership, Text and Data Mining," Conférence des économistes, ULB, Brussels (November 30, 2017). Speaker: Sari Depreeuw.
  • "Auteursrecht in de Audiovisuele Sector. Resultaten van de Studie Naar Juridische en Economische Aspecten," Seminarie Auteursrecht - Recente Ontwikkelingen in de Belgische en Europese Wetgeving (organized by FOD Economie), Brussels (November 10, 2017). Speaker: Sari Depreeuw.
  • "Navigating the Legal Minefield: How to Make Contractual Sense of Regulation in the Digital Economy?," Data and Software: How Open is the Future, IOF-TTO Event (VUB), (October 17, 2017). Speaker: Sari Depreeuw.
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  • "Protection of Personal Data—Preparing for the GDPR," Annual Conference on EU Law in the Insurance Sector 2017, ERA Trier (May 2017). Speaker: Sari Depreeuw.
  • "La protection des Données à Caractère Personnel," International Faculty for Executives (March 30, 2017). Speaker: Sari Depreeuw.
  • "Het Opstellen van IT Contracten," International Faculty for Executives (November 2016). Speaker: Sari Depreeuw.
  • "Recent Decisions of the Court of Justice of the EU in Data Protection," Data Protection Summer School, ERA Trier, (September 2016). Lecturer: Sari Depreeuw.
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  • "Anonymous in the Data Mass," Data Innovation Summit 2016, Brussels (2016). Speaker: Sari Depreeuw.
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