Background - Practices (Details)
EU Employment Law

Our employment law practitioners offer knowledge and experience with the laws and practices that govern the workplace. We are adept in the drafting of all forms of employment agreements, ranging from straightforward, standard terms for administrative staff to sophisticated service and non-competition agreements, including stock option plans, for senior executives. We ensure that the forms of such agreements include the essential employee protections mandated by statute and provide the employer the maximum business-secret protection permitted by law.

We provide counseling to employers in the development of their workplace policies and procedures. Our lawyers are experienced in the representation of companies in wrongful termination, discrimination, and other employee disputes.

Our employment professionals often play a key role in corporate transactions in the due diligence phase and the structuring of employee transfers, as well as in any subsequent restructuring. We are particularly familiar with the mandatory employee consultation obligations, and the laws and procedures governing lay-offs.

Increasingly within Europe, the rights and obligations of employees and employers are derived from regulations emanating from the EU institutions. Many social policy initiatives developed by the European Commission — ranging from working time to parental leave, to employee rights on business transfers — have been transposed into the national laws of each of the EU member states. Our lawyers have an in-depth understanding of the interplay between the EU initiatives and national employment laws, and how these are applied in practice.

Our lawyers have years of experience in assisting U.S. businesses unfamiliar with the European employment regulation. We help these clients to understand the essential differences between the U.S. and European culture and practice in the workplace.