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The Kheel Center on the Resolution of Environmental Interest Disputes Presents Changing Times - Changing Practice: Effective Legal Strategies to Resolve New Environmental Disputes

November 17, 2009 • New York, NY

The practice of law is expanding as environmental problems worsen, raising unique conflict resolution challenges: conflicts that involve new issues, multiple stakeholders, and, often, several jurisdictions. There is a need for new forums to supplement and substitute for adjudicatory tribunals. Lawyers must learn new strategies to convene those affected and represent them successfully in these forums. This conference examines several contexts where new approaches to lawyering are required and being used with success. These include President Obama’s memorandum on collaborative governmental decision-making, the adjustment of property rights in communities threatened by sea level rise, the siting of energy generation and high-technology energy facilities, and new regulatory approaches to mitigate climate change involving energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Experienced attorneys who successfully use new conflict resolution strategies and forums for conflict management will discuss the role of lawyers in representing clients as this area of practice evolves, particularly in marshalling facts to define and resolve interests involved. Panelists will discuss real cases, practical tools and techniques, and successful forums and strategies.

Ridgway Hall is the Morning Facilitator. Michael Bogert is one of the speakers on the subject of "Influencing Decision-making Through Collaborative Governance."

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