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The Conference Board-Ethics and Compliance Conference: Pulling It All Together

May 11 - 12, 2006 • New York, NY

The last few years have been extraordinarily busy times in the ethics and compliance field. As a result, many organizations now have a long list of ethics and compliance initiatives that are in-place, under review or revision, and on the drawing board. In some cases the list includes initiatives that lie beyond the traditional boundaries of ethics and compliance. How do you pull it all together? The process can seem daunting: develop an ethics and compliance plan in conjunction with your corporate strategic plan, be sure it meets your organization's specific risk areas and is consistent with your culture, then engage corporate leadership to drive the plan, coordinate all corporate functions to deliver the plan effectively, establish mechanisms to regularly assess progress, and all the while make sure that your efforts not only enforce compliance but also inspire and motivate your employees and serve as a source of pride that enhances your organization's reputation. A formidable task! But there is help. A growing number of organizations have made significant progress in pulling it all together and we are gathering many of them for the 2006 Conference Board Ethics and Compliance Conference. We hope you can join us.

Dick Bednar will speak on "The Evolving Position of the Ethics Officer" on day two of this event.
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