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Protection of Foreign Investments through Modern Treaty Arbitration

March 7, 2008 • Zurich, Switzerland

In an ever more globalised world, increasingly based on private sector investments in foreign economies, the issue of investment protection is becoming increasingly important. Over recent decades, the business and legal communities have seen legal protection through arbitration based on bilateral and multilateral investment treaties gaining importance. This conference will offer a framework within which to address many of the issues surrounding modern investment arbitration, both with regard to jurisdictional issues and substantive standards of protection available to an investor. Over fifteen high profile panelists from law firms, universities and international organizations in Switzerland and abroad will present topics of particular interest to practising lawyers, corporate counsel, interested business persons, arbitrators and academics. The conference will be chaired by Professors Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler and Pierre Tercier.

Jane Wessel is attending this event.

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