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Infocast - Distressed Commercial Real Estate Summit East

November 4 - 6, 2009 • New York, NY

The commercial real estate market is facing unprecedented challenges in the current financial meltdown. CRE lenders and CMBS special servicers are confronted by non-performing and troubled loans, while CRE borrowers requiring refinancing for incomplete, devalued and troubled assets need to find new sources of financing to rescue their investments. By the same token, opportunities to buy have never been better. However, only those investors who truly understand current market conditions and the optimal techniques to navigate through the minefields of the current market will be able to take full advantage of these opportunities.

As a result, Infocast has organized the 2nd Annual Distressed Commercial Real Estate Summit East. Industry players will gather to explore opportunities in distressed commercial real estate in leading Eastern market areas. The Summit is an exciting regional event designed to provide the latest market intelligence on distressed CRE investing and create a high-powered networking platform for buyers and sellers of distressed commercial properties and loans. It brings together some of the industry’s leading players—servicers, owners, buyers and sellers—to discuss the key market trends in distressed CRE, such as: What is the current market for opportunities? When is the right time for investors to pull the trigger? What are the opportunities in distressed property and commercial paper? How are banks, insurance companies, and CMBS special servicers responding to their distressed loans and what strategies and processes are they adopting to workout troubled loans? What debt and equity are available to save distressed deals?

William O'Connor is the Summit Chair and is the moderator of Commercial Paper Buyers' Perspectives on the Current Secondary Market." Michael Blumenthal is the moderator of "Current Bankruptcy Opportunities." Barbara Champoux is the moderator of "Crawling from the Wreckage – Overcoming Challenges and Seizing Opportunities." Joseph Trapasso is the moderator of "TALF, PPIP, FDIC and Opportunities for Investors." John Bricker is the workshop chair of "Investing in the Loan Secondary Market - What You Need to Know."

Crowell & Moring is the host and sponsor of this event.

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