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Federal Bar Association's 31st Annual Tax Law Conference

March 9, 2007 • Washington, DC

The 31st Annual Tax Law Conference is a unique opportunity to exchange ideas with leading tax practitioners and senior personnel in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the Federal Government. This conference is designed to foster greater interaction between public and private sector participants and to provide an opportunity for an in-depth review of critical issues. Discussions are led by noted tax experts in government and private practice.

Alex Sadler will be moderating a panel. The panel is entitled "Strategies to Achieve Currency in Audits and Appeals -- Challenges and Experience with Recent IRS Examination, Appeals, and Counsel Initiatives." The panel will address several recent IRS initiatives to accelerate the resolution of large-case audits and resolve tax controversies.

Several high-level IRS officials will be on the panel, including (1) Sarah Ingram, Chief, Appeals (head of the IRS's Appeals division); (2) Douglas O'Donnell, Deputy Director, Pre-Filing and Technical Guidance, Large and Mid-Sized Business Division; (3) Nancy Knapp, Senior Legal Counsel, Pre-Filing and Technical Guidance, LMSB Division Counsel; and (4) Susan Mosley, Senior Technician and Reviewer, Procedure and Administration Branch, Office of Chief Counsel.

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