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Debt Debate: Implications for Greater Washington Business

July 28, 2011 • Washington, DC

As the debt ceiling debate continues between the White House and Congress, uncertainty looms for business operations in Greater Washington. Understanding how far-reaching the implications will be for things here is difficult to grasp: a shutdown looms if August 2 comes and goes; credit ratings for state and local governments may be downgraded, causing difficulty in borrowing at a critical cash-flow point in the year; almost every potential deal has drastic reductions planned for the federal workforce, contracting community and beyond. The Board of Trade is convening a special program on Thursday, July 28th, to help business leaders understand and prepare for the implications of the debt-debate.  

This timely event will bring together regional thought leaders to address the impact to area firms, State/District and local governments (including discussion of potential rating downgrades, borrowing power, etc.) Topics will address any risks to major projects – such as funding for Rail to Dulles, HOT Lanes and the ICC. Special emphasis will be given to exploring implications for the contracting community, government-funded university research and federal/state/municipal workers.
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