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DC Bar E-Discovery Program - Essential Checklist for Electronic Discovery

May 12, 2009 • Washington, DC

As part of the DC Bar's E-Discovery Program, this course offers an introductory and highly practical guide to practitioners seeking greater expertise in the proper management of discoverable information that is stored in an electronic format. The course will review the governing procedural rules and legal opinions that are shaping the current legal landscape before providing practical advice for requesting, producing, and working with “ESI” (electronically stored information) - in discovery and at trial. Faculty members will explore important issues that come up with regularity in e-discovery, including but not limited to preserving potentially relevant data, negotiating agreements and orders, developing and implementing an electronic discovery plan, preparing disclosures under Rule 26(a)(1), Rule 30(b)(6) computer records custodian depositions, Rule 26(f) and 16(b) conferences, formal discovery requests and responses, protocols for the production of e-mail and other electronically stored information, privilege and confidentiality issues, inadvertent production and privilege waiver, cost shifting, Rule 37 sanctions, and spoliation. Sample checklists and forms for both requesting and responding parties will be provided.

Courtney Barton is one of the speakers at this program.

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