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CEPMLP's Second Annual International Oil & Gas Arbitration/Dispute Resolution Seminar

September 8 - 12, 2008 • The Hilton Dundee, Scotland

This course

  • is designed to provide specialized insights and training, from the varied viewpoint of in-house counsel, trial counsel, international arbitrators, academics, and legal experts, as relates to the advocacy of claims and defenses in international oil & gas arbitrations and mediations;
  • provides a unique perspective into the application of international commercial and investment arbitration laws to the complexities of the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of the oil & gas industry;
  • identifies the key issues of commercial and investment arbitration procedure as they interrelate with discrete issues arising in the oil & gas industry;
  • highlights the pitfalls that can arise due to the subtleties of arbitration law and the complexities of oil & gas contractual provisions and disputes and shows how to avoid them;
  • explores how best to exploit the arbitration, mediation and other dispute resolution processes to ensure that your client’s claims and defenses are fully considered and properly addressed;
  • assesses when and why you might want to consider revising certain standard or customary oil & gas contractual provisions in order to avoid potential dispute resolution pitfalls;
  • analyses what the rules of the game are, which ones matter and which can be altered by agreement.

Arif H. Ali is the Chair and Seminar Director of this event. Claire Stockford will attend.

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