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ARIAS Spring Conference 2011

May 4 - 6, 2011 • Miami Beach, FL

This year’s Spring Conference will be held at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. A decade into the millennium, “Hitting the Reset Button; A New Start” will take a zero-based look at the world of reinsurance disputes and arbitration today as well as moving forward. Experts will discuss hot topics ranging from Latin America as an emerging reinsurance market to nitty-gritty workshops on preparation of reasoned awards, from mock arbitrations on evidence of underwriting intent to predictions about forthcoming controversies on business written in this century.

This conference will meld glimpses of the future with fresh perspectives on recurring issues. How can panels really control discovery? How hard should they try? How big a detour will Stolt Nielsen put on the road to consolidated arbitration? What will Dodd-Frank mean for insurers and reinsurers? Come explore these issues and more in a classic resort environment that itself has hit the reset button with a billion-dollar renovation.

The Honorable George S. LeMieux, former United States Senator from Florida will be the Keynote Speaker on the first day of the Conference.

Harry Cohen and Deirdre Johnson will speak at this event. Mr. Cohen will be part of a Breakout Session – Discussion of Extrinsic Evidence in Arbitration Proceedings (The Role of Underwriting Intent in Arbitration Proceedings). Ms. Johnson will be a presenter in a Workshop entitled, "The Stolt-Nielsen Decision – The Future of Consolidation of Arbitrations and other Procedural Control." Jennifer Devery will serve as Golf Chair. She is organizing the Thirteenth Annual ARIAS•U.S. Open Tournament. William O'Neill is attending.

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Harry P. Cohen
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