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AHIP - Accountable Care Organization Summit

May 15, 2013 • Washington, DC

Physician practices, hospital systems, and health plans are partnering through Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and other integrated care models to improve patient care, generate greater efficiencies, and respond to demands for greater accountability.  These new models of care also are raising a number of policy and legal issues at the state and federal levels, particularly with respect to hospital and physician integration. 

AHIP’s ACO Summit will convene industry experts, thought leaders, leading academics, and policymakers to examine the policy and legal implications of hospital and physician integration in the marketplace.  This unique conference will focus on the trends in rising health care costs, payment reform initiatives, and the resulting shifts in hospital and provider market power.

Art Lerner will speak on the topic, "Legal and Policy Issues Related to ACO Formation by Independent Physician Groups."

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