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ABA-TIPS: Political Risk Insurance: Is There Such a Thing?

June 10, 2009 • Teleconference

Political risk refers to the threat that an investment will be adversely affected by governmental action or inaction. Political risk often involves actions ranging from nationalization or expropriation (both direct and indirect), to restrictions on currency convertibility, civil unrest, corruption, trade restraints and breach of state contracts (such as concession agreements). Political risk insurance (“PRI”) is one of the simplest, most direct methods of reducing exposure to political risk. It is offered not only by the World Bank’s Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency and government agencies in most major exporting nations, but also by several large private insurance companies.

The Faculty Will Examine:

  • What are the standard terms of PRI policies and coverage?
  • What coverage is available? To whom? At what cost? Does it vary based on host country and type of investment?
  • Overview of litigation and arbitration proceedings involving PRI claims.
  • How will the current international financial and political climate impact / increase insurance claims?

These issues - the benefits associated with PRI, its scope and its application - will be the focus of this panel discussion. Corporate counsel, alongside with insurance providers and arbitration counsel, will share their insights on PRI.

Samaa Haridi is the moderator of this teleconference.

Pieter Bekker, Alex de Gramont, Nilam Sharma, Lisa Savitt, Erica Franzetti, Meriam Alrashid and Shikhil Suri are also attending.

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