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11th Harvard University Forum on Islamic Finance

April 25-27, 2014 • Cambridge, MA

The Harvard University Forum on Islamic Finance was introduced in 1997 to engage scholars, practitioners and regulators in productive dialogue about the then-nascent field. Previous forums have focused on recent economic and political developments in Muslim-majority societies, innovation and authenticity, the global recession, and points of contact between Islamic finance and other types of ethical finance. 

Islamic finance literature frequently refers to economic justice, equitable distribution of opportunity and wealth, ethics, morality, equity, and fairness in business dealings. Critics, however, contend that the current practice of Islamic finance is not adequately informed by such ideals. Can cooperative financial models such as takaful facilitate the development and growth of financial solutions that more clearly reflect the ideals of Islamic finance? 

The Eleventh Forum seeks to reassess and critically engage with issues of risk sharing, mutuality, solidarity, and socioeconomic welfare in the context of a discussion about takaful and other types of cooperative financial solutions. 

The Forum will be a two-day conference, structured around three plenary sessions and six smaller parallel sessions. A formal banquet dinner will be held at Harvard on the evening of April 26, followed by a speech by one of the forum luminaries.

Walid Hegazy is one of the panelists at this event.

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