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"Curiosity Killed A Motion to Dismiss: A Biotech Company’s Business Negotiations Turn into a Trade Secrets Fight," Crowell & Moring’s Trade Secrets Trends

September 22, 2021. Authors: Crinesha B. Berry and Astor Heaven.

"Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Issues License For the U.S. Government and U.S. Government Contractors for Humanitarian Assistance in Afghanistan," Crowell & Moring’s International Trade Law

September 22, 2021. Authors: Jeffrey L. Snyder, Frances P. Hadfield, Anand Sithian, Nicole Sayegh Succar and Martín Yerovi.

"Customs Ruling of the Week – Country of Origin of Bypass Lopper and a Pruner," Crowell & Moring’s International Trade Law

September 22, 2021. Authors: Frances P. Hadfield and Martín Yerovi.

"Cyber Insights – Lessons Learned from Recent Ransomware Attacks," Webinar in collaboration with IBJ/IJE

Sep.21.2021. Moderator: Maarten Stassen. Speakers: Evan D. Wolff and Matthew B. Welling.

"COVID-19 Vaccination and Safety Considerations Following Biden Administration’s New Vaccine Mandate Initiatives," Crowell & Moring Webinar

Sep.17.2021. Speakers: Thomas P. Gies, Katie Erno, Janet Walker, Michelle D. Coleman, and Daniel W. Wolff.

Essential for Privacy Compliance, Data Mapping Has a Tech—and Expense—Problem

Sep.23.2021 — Law360

Featured Professionals: Jarno Vanto, CIPP/E, CIPP/US

Attorneys Eye 'Options' For Employers Under OSHA Vaccination Rule

Sep.21.2021 — Inside OSHA

Featured Professionals: Thomas P. Gies, Daniel W. Wolff

Concerns with UK plans to diverge from EU GDPR

Sep.21.2021 — International Finance Law Review

Featured Professionals: Laurence Winston