Background - Practices (Details)

National Coordinating Counsel and Complex Litigation


We have served as national coordinating counsel (NCC) in some of the highest-profile matters in the U.S. court system and represented some of the nation’s largest companies.

“We develop a recommended NCC structure in consultation with our clients, based upon an upfront strategic assessment, the unique needs of the litigation, existing in-house and outside counsel resources and relationships, and our clients' present and long-term objectives.”

Dan Campbell, Partner

Our practice is built upon experience in six key areas:

  • Trial Depth. In many of our NCC representations, our trial lawyers serve as lead counsel in cases pending around the country. In other representations, our trial lawyers develop trial strategy, identify and prepare key fact and expert witnesses, and serve as lead counsel in certain trials, while developing and overseeing jurisdictional firms to implement our clients' national trial strategy.
  • Lead Class or MDL Counsel. We often serve as lead counsel in national class actions and multidistrict litigation (MDL) proceedings. We have an extensive class action practice and regularly appear in before the JPML and in MDL proceedings that are core components of national dockets.
  • Amicus and Appellate Experience. We have substantial party and amicus appellate experience within our NCC team, and we have developed important precedents in each of our NCC representations. 
  • Coordination and Preparation of Experts. We strive to match the best testifying experts with the geography and specific case needs and ensure the presentation is geared to the judges and lay jurors we encounter.
  • Regulatory Depth and Breadth. Many large, national litigations have significant related regulatory issues that must be carefully coordinated with litigation objectives. With more than 100 lawyers who have held significant government positions both federally and at the state level, we have unique perspective and first-hand knowledge of how regulatory agencies work and how they think.
  • Media Relations, Public Affairs, and Crisis Management. When unforeseen crises arise, we can rapidly assemble and deploy teams of crisis management professionals to help avert negative publicity and take appropriate action to identify and resolve issues. 

We also provide a host of complimentary services, including: the development, administration and management of claims processes; e-discovery and information management; and attorney-led internal investigations into causation.

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