IP Transactions and Diligence


Due diligence involving intellectual property assets is now the norm on almost every business transaction, from mergers and joint ventures to private and public offerings. Companies are dedicating more resources than ever in their research and development efforts and, consequently, place an ever-increasing value on the assets resulting from those efforts. As a result, a very important part of the due diligence process is to assess the real economic value of a target company’s assets. To achieve that goal, a due diligence inquiry requires a review of all documents and records that may affect the transaction or indicate the true value of the assets in question.

This process of investigation into the true value and ownership of intellectual property assets has taken on greater importance as more and more companies invest in and purchase organizations whose inherent value rests on the strength of their technology and innovations. Crowell & Moring lawyers counsel clients in all aspects of intellectual property investigations, including protection, enforcement, and transfer of intellectual property rights.

We have conducted due diligence investigations spanning countless technologies across a wide range of structured deals. In addition to serving our core U.S. client base, many of these investigations have been carried out for our European and Asian clients.