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Visit of the Social Inspection: Rights and Obligations of Undertakings

December 2, 2010 • Webinar

A Crowell & Moring sponsored event in cooperation with the Belgian Legal Counsel Institute.

When confronted with a visit of the Social Inspection, companies often do not know how to react.

Can the Social Inspection freely consult all documents that it may be interested in, or are there restrictions? Can it request a copy thereof? Is it entitled to interrogate the employees in the absence of a representative of the employer or a union representative? Can the access to certain premises be denied? What is meant by the criminal offence of the obstruction of inspection? What about the presence and role of a lawyer in case of such a control ? Will the Inspection always make an official report about the offences on the social legislation? Are there any possibilities to regularize such infringements?

In times where social fraud is increasingly fought against, these questions become even more relevant.

The company lawyer is the first legal advisor of the company. He should be able to answer these questions as good as possible to advise the HR manager on how to react in case of control.

During the Webinar of 2 December, Crowell & Moring’s labor law lawyers will help you prepare for such an event by answering the above and other questions.


Frederik Van Remoortel

Emmanuel Plasschaert




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