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The ABCs of Part D: Introduction to Medicare Program Part D

January 19, 2006 • Live Audio Web Cast

The Medicare Program Part D drug benefit sign-up process began on November 15, 2005. Many new benefits will follow on January 1, 2006 for millions of voluntary enrollees. Vendors, consultants, lawyers, and consumers have to know the details of the Medicare Modernization Act and how Part D affects and is affected by Parts A, B, and C of the Medicare program and also how the state Medicaid programs are affected. Part D is the biggest and most complex expansion of benefits since the Medicare program was enacted in 1965 and surely portends many complex challenges and business opportunities.

Our experienced panel will provide clear and useful information regarding the Part D concept including: who is most affected by Part D and in what ways; what are the areas of ambiguity; and what is the likely future of Part D. The speakers will focus on what health care and business lawyers need to know, and both beginners and those knowing more will benefit from the panel's insight.

One way or another, when we give advice to our family members or clients as they make decisions about the new drug benefit, we will have to know about this new federal drug benefit. Our panelists will point the way and we'll learn how (in the words of CMS): "It's all coming together."

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