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  • "Emerging Issues and Trends in Managed Care Litigation," The ABA Health Law Section’s 19th Annual Conference on Emerging Issues in Healthcare Law, Scottsdale, AZ (February 23, 2018). Presenter: Christopher Flynn.
  • "The Impact and Implementation of Solar Energy and Grid-Scale Storage," LSU Law Journal of Energy Law and Resources Annual Symposium on “Disruptive Technologies,” Baton Rouge, LA (February 23, 2018). Presenters: Preetha Chakrabarti and Diana A. Jeschke.
  • “ICPHSO and Product Safety: A Travel Through Time,” 2018 ICPHSO Annual Meeting & Training Symposium, Orlando, FL (February 21, 2018). Presenter: Matthew Cohen.
  • "Clinical, Regulatory, and Technical Considerations and Best Practices for PGHD," Becker’s Hospital Review Webinar (February 21, 2018). Presenter: Jodi G. Daniel.
  • "Update on Developments in Advertising Law and Consumer Protection," BAA Legal Affairs Committee Webinar (February 15, 2018). Presenters: Peter B. Miller, Josh Thomas Foust, Lauren Aronson, and Chalana N. Williams.
  • "Government Contracting Under the Trump Administration: What to Expect After the First Year CLE," Fairfax Bar Association, Fairfax, VA (February 15, 2018). Panelists: Robert A. Burton and Elizabeth A. Buehler.
  • "Acquisition Reform Provisions in the FY2018 NDAA," The Subcontract Management Institute Webinar (February 12, 2018). Panelist: Robert A. Burton.
  • "Update on Standard-Essential Patent Litigation in China," ABA Section of Antitrust and ABA Section of Intellectual Property Webcast (February 9, 2018). Moderator: Robert B. McNary.
  • "Trump’s NAFTA Renegotiation: Potential Changes and Impacts to Brands, Apparel and Textiles," 2018 FBA Fashion Law Conference, New York, NY (February 9, 2018). Presenter: Frances P. Hadfield.
  • "A Consensus Framework Approach for the United Arab Emirates," Workshop for the UAE Consensus Framework for Ethical Collaboration in the Medical Products Sector, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (February 8, 2018). Presenter: Andrew Blasi.
  • "The Clean Air Act: Latest Developments," Environmental Law 2018, Washington, D.C. (February 8, 2018). Presenter: Thomas A. Lorenzen.
  • "Investigations 201: Health Care Fraud and Abuse Investigations," Crowell & Moring Webinar (February 7, 2018). Presenters: Troy A. Barsky and Laura M. Kidd Cordova.
  • "Ethics and Compliance: Our DNA When Doing Business," First Latin American Week of Bio Pharmaceutical Innovation, Mexico City (February 7, 2018). Speaker: Patricia L. Wu.
  • "Navigating Government Involvement During a Cyber Incident," ACC Foundation Cybersecurity Summit, Washington, D.C. (February 6, 2018). Panelist: Paul M. Rosen.
  • "Pre-retirement anno 2018," Kluwer Pension Conference 2018, Brussels, Belgium (February 6, 2018). Presenter: Evelien Jamaels.
  • "The ABCs of Antitrust in Healthcare: Introduction and Antitrust Overview, Part I - On Demand Recording," AHLA Webinar (February 6, 2018). Presenter: Alexis J. Gilman.
  • "Chemical Control Legislation in USA and Nanomaterials: State Focus, Including New California Safer Chemicals Requirements," ChemCon the Americas 2018: Seminar 4 - Chemical Control legislation in USA and Nanomaterials, New Orleans, LA (February 6, 2018). Panelist: Warren Lehrenbaum.
  • "Current Status of and Issues Raised by Legal Challenges to EPA’s TSCA Framework Rules," ChemCon the Americas 2018: Seminar 1 - The Amended TSCA, New Orleans, LA (February 5, 2018). Panelist: Michael Boucher.
  • "Rethinking Settlements in Merger Cases," GCR Live 7th Annual Antitrust Law Leaders Forum, Miami, FL (February 2, 2018). Moderator: Juan A. Arteaga.
  • "Preparing For (and Surviving) Your Oracle Audit," Crowell & Moring Webinar (February 1, 2018). Speakers: Arthur Beeman, Joel T. Muchmore, and Belinda Liu.
  • "California's Complex Court Program - What Every In-House Counsel Should Know," ACC Litigation Committee Meeting, Palo Alto & San Francisco, CA (January 30-31, 2018). Presenters: Gregory D. Call, Nathaniel P. Bualat, Chris Cadena.
  • "Directors' and Officers' Insurance: An International Perspective," New York (January 30, 2018). Moderator: Mark Meyer.
  • "Tracking Global Threats: The Role of the Intelligence Community," Pacific Council on International Policy, Los Angeles, CA (January 30, 2018). Moderator: Paul M. Rosen.
  • “Put it to the Test: Evaluating the Degree of Substantiation Necessary to Back Your Claim,” ACI - Advertising Claims Substantiation Boot Camp, New York, NY (January 25, 2018). Presenter: Christopher A. Cole.
  • "What Will the New Year Bring: Top Headlines, Headaches, and Developments for Government Contractors to Watch in 2018," Crowell & Moring Webinar (January 25, 2018). Presenters: Crowell & Moring Government Contracts Group.