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What's a Doc to Do? Stark Phase III and Anti-Markup Rules: The Impact on Physician Relationships and Ventures

February 6, 2008 • Teleconference

The Stark Phase III regulations and other CMS initiatives have imposed new constraints on physician-owned ventures and physician relationships with hospitals. At the same time, physicians continue to face increased workload demands and reimbursement pressures from both public and private payors. Our experienced panel will address practical issues facing physicians and other providers today, including:

  • In this "Stark" new world, what are the opportunities and pitfalls for physicians in structuring new business ventures and relationships with hospitals and other providers?
  • How can physicians be involved in providing services to their patients without running afoul of the law?
  • What issues are the regulators most focused on in looking at new and restructured physician relationships?
  • What is the impact of the delay of the anti-markup rules?

Michael Paddock is participating in this teleconference. The topic will be Stark II, Phase III Implementation.

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