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The Service Contract Act

February 9 - 10, 2006 • Las Vegas, NV

For those who perform services for the Government: The applicable labor requirements - from wage rates and fringe benefits to health plans and overtime issues.
  • When they are applied.
  • How they are enforced.
  • Efficiently incorporating them into your contract activities.

Government contracting is tough enough without labor problems on your home ground. Even so, contractors who perform a wide range of services for the Government must comply with a sweeping range of special labor requirements. Chief among these labor requirements are those contained in the Service Contract Act; provisions continually presenting contractors with a large number of difficult questions and problem areas, and ones that are being more aggressively reviewed and enforced by the Government than ever before-with increasingly severe penalties.

This special two-day program will teach you what the Service Contract Act's labor requirements are, when they are applicable, and how to efficiently incorporate them into your daily contracting activities. The special Course Curriculumhas been designed to offer maximum benefits to personnel professionals, contract managers, legal counsel, project managers, and others who are involved with a contract's labor requirements. Further, the course offers practical guidance on your rights, options and remedies.

Included in the program are analyses of:
  • When the Act applies.
  • The Act's coverage; exemptions to the provisions.
  • Wage determination procedures; prevailing labor rate issues.
  • Determining prevailing fringe benefits.
  • Measuring health and safety benefits; compliance with the requirements; the problem of self–insured benefit plans.
  • Applications to subcontracts.
  • Special problems of off-site contracts.
  • Multi–year contracts and contracts with options.
  • The effect of change orders and wage escalations.
  • The Successor Contractor rule.
  • Debarment absent "unusual circumstances" rule.
  • Applicable overtime compensation laws.
  • Special overtime problems.
  • Interrelationship of the Service Contract Act with other labor laws.
Course Curriculum
  • Introduction to the Service Contract Act
  • Exemptions
  • Coverage of The Act
  • Wage Determination (WD) Procedures
  • Determining Fringe Benefits
  • Application of the Service Contract Act
  • Change Orders and Escalation
  • The Successor Contractor Rule
  • Monetary Penalties for Violation
  • Three Year Department Penalty
  • Overtime Compensation Issues
  • Special Overtime Problems
Ken Bruntel will instruct this two-day seminar
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