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Solar Energy Opportunities in Taiwan and Greater China

December 2, 2009 • Washington, DC

The Solar Energy Industries Association, Crowell & Moring and C&M International is sponsoring this event.

Senior executives from leading Taiwanese solar energy companies, including Dupont Taiwan and Motech--the world's eighth largest solar cell manufacturer--will be attending. These executives are part of a government and business delegation that is traveling across country to discuss partnering with US companies in areas such as technology transfer, trade, and investment. In 2008, Taiwan’s solar cell output comprised 12% of the global market and ranked fourth in the world. According to recent forecasts, PV production capacity will supply 40% of the global demand by 2010. A free trade agreement between Taiwan and China, which is expected to be signed in 2010, will significantly expand opportunities for U.S. suppliers and manufacturers in the region.

Crowell & Moring and C&M International is hosting this meeting.

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