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PLI - Government Investigations 2013

April 4, 2013 • New York, NY

Organizations create and store a growing volume of information on a daily basis. That information is used in all facets of an organization’s business. When government regulators seek access to that information, many questions can arise. Exactly what information might the government seek? What limits, if any, are there on the government’s request for electronically stored information? How might electronic information be reviewed prior to production and, when the review is completed, how might that information be produced? How are privileges and confidential information protected during an investigation? How can an organization negotiate effectively with the government over the production of electronic information?

The faculty, which includes judges, regulators, and counsel experienced in government investigations, will answer these questions as they address the cutting-edge issues involved in how the government may seek, produce, and use electronic information in investigations.

Justin Murphy is one of the speakers on topic, "Responding to Government Requests for ESI: Providing Information, Handling the Investigation, and Ending the Case."

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