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National Defense University War College Regional Securities Studies - Canada Course

February 27, 2012 • Washington, DC

ICAF is one of two  joint “War colleges” at National Defense University,  has about 330 students total, and provides a year-long course of study in developing and resourcing national security strategy for senior U.S. military officers (O-6 Colonel/Captain), government civilians, and international officers. As part of their program, their students earn a Master's Degree in National Resource Strategy and focus on selected world regions (Regional Security Studies-RSS) during the last half of their program, one of which is Canada.  The RSS Canada course description is,  “RSS Canada examines current topics of interest for the Canada-U.S. national security relationship including engagement in Afghanistan, energy security and the challenges and opportunities of a changing Arctic.”

Drue Pearce is guest lecturer at this event.  She discussed the Arctic Council; its history, structure and activities and the Canadian and US Chairmanships, as well as providing an Alaskan view on development in the Arctic, safety of Arctic shipping, gas pipeline politics, and the close ties between the Yukon and Alaska.

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