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Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce Export Series

November 6, 2007 • Los Angeles, CA

The L.A. Export Series #5 is entitled Legal Do's and Don'ts for Exporters and will teach you how to expand your markets and how exporting can take your business to a profitable new level in today's global economy. Experts will present the topics in practical how-to terms, share their knowledge, experiences and insight.

Learn from legal experts how to comply with U.S. export controls and foreign import regulations, avoid legal pitfalls, and protect your rights internationally. They will also cover export contracts and agreements, especially what you need to include in representation agreements with U.S. suppliers and overseas agents and distributors.

Brian Peck and Amanda Paracuellos will speak at this event. The topics will be export controls, non-tariff trade barriers in other markets and international distribution and representation agreements.

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