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Juris Conferences LLC presents "Electronic Evidence and Disclosure in International Arbitration"

January 31, 2008 • New York, NY

The use of electronically stored information in international arbitrations brings all of the complications associated with that type of information when it is the basis of the parties’ factual presentations: a party proving its case may select e-mails and other electronic documents that favor its case and ignore others and unscrupulous parties may even create false communications or accounting entries after the fact. As a result, parties entitled to disclosure of information by the other side may create enormous burdens for themselves, their adversaries and the tribunal in dealing with the production of electronic data that is pertinent to the controversy.

This seminar recognizes the harsh reality of the problems presented by the creation and maintenance of electronic data in international business transactions and provides a forum for discussion by the leading experts in the electronic data field of how best to deal with the phenomena of electronic data in the context of disputes that are to be resolved in international arbitration. It will present experts who will discuss the most effective and efficient ways in which electronic data may be dealt with in international arbitration, from the claimant’s point of view and from the respondent’s perspective.

Alexandre de Gramont and Jane Wessel are attending this conference.

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