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IV International Arbitration Peruvian Congress

April 29 - 30, 2010 • Lima, Peru

The Peruvian cities of Lima and Cusco will host the Fourth Meeting Peruvian International Arbitration with the theme: "Latin America: home of international arbitration", in April and May 2010. Participating exhibitors from Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, USA, France, Peru, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.


  • What requirements are necessary to be a home friendly international arbitration? Can we meet in Latin America with these requirements?
  • What actions does it take for Peru to become a place of international arbitration?
  • Practical development of international arbitration (written communication, evidence, hearings, questioning and cross-examination of witnesses and experts).
  • The constitutionalization of arbitration in Latin America: Critical appraisal.
  • The investment arbitration in Latin America. Increase in BITs, FTAs.
  • Balance of ICSID arbitration.
  • Is it possible that in Latin America constitute ideal venues for the settlement of investment disputes?
  • The current development of the "umbrella clause".

Henry Burnett is speaking at this event.

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