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IQPC's 6th Securities Litigation Conference

June 10 - 11, 2009 • New York, NY

If you ever needed to attend a conference on securities litigation, this one should be mandatory.

Securities law is about to take on a whole new importance and will produce the most complicated and aggressive litigation in American history. The meltdown of the world’s financial market—and it has just begun--will make this litigation explode. So much money has been lost by so many people in so many countries—and we are far from rock bottom yet—that investor lawsuits will boom. And most of the legal activity has not even begun. It is just starting to take hold.

After extensive research and wide consultation, they have put together a program that features the most important issues in securities litigation for 2009. With an keen understanding of what the major problems will be, they have assembled a cast of lawyers, bankers, judges, accountants and academics who know the securities litigation business inside and out. They have an enormous amount of experience that can provide you with valuable lessons in either advancing or defending securities litigation cases of all types. And that includes corporate lawyers too.

William McSherry will be one of the speakers at this conference. He will talk about "Effectively Advancing and Defending Credit Default Swap Claims."

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