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Globalization’s New Road Map; Best Practices and Policy Tools for Growing and Protecting Your International Business

October 26, 2006 • Irvine, CA

The fourth in an ongoing series of conferences, Globalization’s New Road Map, is designed to provide the business community with strategic knowledge about the benefits and challenges of international business. This conference brings together leading officials from Canada, Mexico, the California state government, CCIT and C&M International to discuss the changing shape of international trade as well as Crowell & Moring attorneys addressing critical issues of international business law that confront companies as they expand into new markets and source from new nations.

  • Panel 1: Doha’s Hibernation: The Free Trade Agreement Rush and What It Means for Your Business.
  • Panel 2: NAFTA: Still #1 – Benefits and Opportunities
  • Panel 3: Best Practices and New Trends for Protecting Your Investments and Assets Overseas
  • Panel 4: Expanding and Protecting Your Business in the Global Marketplace 

Crowell & Moring, in affiliation with the California Council for International Trade, hosted this half-day seminar on Trade and Business Strategies for the Pacific Rim.

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