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Global Piracy Prevention Conference

April 24 - 25, 2006 • Los Angels, CA

The theft of intellectual property has grown into a $600 billion per year problem, expanding in geographic scope as well as range of products. Nowhere is this problem more pronounced than in the industries whose products can be pirated with increasing ease:

Film, music, software, gaming, broadcasting, and publishing. Counterfeiting threatens to become the number one criminal activity of the 21st century. It has even become the new trade for organized crime syndicates. Battling such activities has become a priority for intellectual property right holders throughout the world, and with the rapid advancement of technology, global piracy continues to be incredibly sophisticated and elusive.

In order to provide the best advice, practitioners and executives must weigh the importance of IP theft prevention with its costs. They must grasp domestic and foreign laws and trade agreements that deal with counterfeiting. They also must be prepared for legislation and court decisions that can clarify – but oftentimes muddy – existing problems. 

Kim Nobles will be participating in a panel discussion, session titled, "Breaking the Piracy Food Chain.

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