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Food and Drug Law Institute 2nd Annual Conference on Nanotechnology Law, Regulation and Policy

February 18 - 19, 2009 • Washington, DC

While the overall economy may be faltering, nanotechnology continues on the upswing. In the next five years, the nanotechnology market is expected to grow to almost $3 trillion. Nanotechnology products are found in all sectors of the food and drug industry, including pharmaceuticals, devices, sunscreens, cosmetics, supplements and food.

At FDLI’s landmark 1st Annual Conference on Nanotechnology Law, Regulation and Policy in February 2008, attendees heard from top officials from FDA and other government agencies to find out their plans for regulating food and drug nanotech products. Now, at the 2nd Annual Conference, attendees get an opportunity — for the first time— to hear directly from officials from the Obama Administration and the new Congress on their regulatory plans.

Matthew Jaffe will speak on the Business of Nanotechnology and James Chen will speak on Safety Issues.

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