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Election 2020: U.S. International Trade Policy and Its Impact on Cross-Border Business Strategy

October 15, 2020 • Webinar

Starts: 9:00 AM (EDT)
Ends: 10:00 AM (EDT)

The second webinar in our Election 2020 series will focus on the candidates’ positions on International Trade issues and how the election results might impact businesses in 2021 and beyond. In this roundtable webinar, a team of lawyers and consultants from both Crowell & Moring and its international policy and regulatory affairs affiliate, C&M International, will discuss the two candidates’ trade priorities for the coming years, including: 
  • How China’s growth and trade practices animate U.S. action and campaigns and whether the election will shift U.S.-China dynamics from the White House and Congress;
  • How companies are restructuring their organizations and supply chains to expand market share in China but not lose their competitive positions in lucrative markets like North America and Europe;
  • The new Section 301 investigation targeting Vietnam and what it means for companies diversifying away from China; 
  • Evolving and divergent approaches to data governance, the Internet, and tech policy;
  • The impact of expanded national security trade protections; and
  • Multilateralism and trade agreements. 

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Crowell & Moring Participant(s):
Caroline E. Brown
Partner – Washington, D.C.
Phone: +1 202.624.2509
Evan Y. Chuck
Partner – Los Angeles, Shanghai
Phone: +1 213.310.7999
Robert Holleyman
Partner and C&M International President & CEO – Washington, D.C.
Phone: +1 202.624.2505
Clark Jennings
C&M International Managing Director, Asia – Singapore
Phone: +65.9111.0610
Shelley Su
C&M International Senior Consultant – Washington, D.C.
Phone: +1 202.688.3512
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