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Carbon Finance World 2007

September 18 - 20, 2007 • Chicago, IL

The reality of climate change has created a significant financial market. Until recently, few traders or investment managers outside of Europe had heard of, much less considered the emerging opportunity of climate change and carbon finance. However, they likely noticed Goldman Sachs’ $23 million investment in the Climate Exchange (LSE:CE) in September 2006 and they most definitely made note of Morgan Stanley’s $3 billion commitment to the global carbon market in October 2006. Carbon finance experts estimate that the global carbon market is now worth over $27 billion.

Bottom line – financial giants along with Fortune 500 companies, utility & energy companies, fund managers and regulatory bodies are cashing in on the lucrative concept of carbon finance.

Delegates will come from organizations such as exchanges, brokerage firms, investment firms, banks, Fortune 500, energy & utility, government, law firms and consulting firms.

Ann Klee is one of the panelists at this event. The topic is Forcing Change: How Will Climate Litigation Influence The Carbon Market?

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