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C5 - The 2nd London Forum on Financial Institutions Insurance Conference

November 18 - 19, 2009 • London, UK

As a result of the ongoing credit crisis, US financial institutions face losses of up to $2.7 trillion, UK banks face losses of up to $316bn (£216bn), and markets around the world remain highly volatile. Claims arising out of D&O and E&O liability are been filed daily, and employee fraud is rife.

Designed exclusively for the London Market, this excellent event will cover the following areas and much more:

  • How some of the more risk/reward types of financial institutions operate in the global market, including how they make their money and the risks they face
  • FI E&O, D&O, and Crime insurance – the latest risks and policy changes
  • How the regulatory response to the financial crisis will impact FIs and their insurers
  • The legal changes in the US that could lead to more securities litigation
  • How risk managers are coping with the risks facing them
  • The current trends, exposures, claims and opportunities in the global market for financial institutions insurance – high level panel discussion
  • Madoff case-study focusing on how UK and European FIs have been affected

The 2nd London Financial Institutions Insurance forum from C5 will put you side-by-side with many of the leading experts in the market for this complex insurance product, providing you with a great opportunity to network and learn.

Nilam Sharma is speaking on the subject of "Private Equity, Venture Capital and Hedge Funds - What They Do, The Risks Facing Them and Insurance Industry Responses" and Michael Cypers is speaking on subject of "US FI Litigation - The Latest Cases and Current Trends To Be Aware Of."

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