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BNA's E-Discovery For the Enterprise: Preparing Your Corporate Clients for the Realities of the Post Rules Amendment World

September 18 - 19, 2008 • Arlington, VA

In the wake of the 2006 Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, e-discovery has emerged as an enterprise endeavor that is no longer confined to the general counsel's office. As new technologies affect the way corporations do business, the issues that surround e-discovery have become increasingly intertwined with--and dependent upon--more traditional business functions and processes. 

When your clients are constantly in litigation, a proactive approach to their electronically stored information (ESI)-- now widely recognized as a major business asset--will insure better organization and more efficiency when it must be culled for litigation or regulatory review. Ultimately, such an approach will enhance your ability to achieve a successful result from litigation.

But no repository or other document management approach works in a vacuum. Systems must be coordinated with other business units and programs. Join BNA and a distinguished group of judges, attorneys, business executives, scholars, and industry leaders to learn why e-discovery has become not only an enterprise venture, but a risk and compliance endeavor, and what you risk by not treating it as such.

Jeane Thomas and Courtney Barton will speak at this event. Ms. Thomas' topic is The Requirements: Case Law Overview and Ms. Barton's topic is Setting Up Your Systems: Costs—Where They Are Coming From and How To Contain Them.

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Jeane A. Thomas, CIPP/E
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