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Association of Corporate Counsel - Selling Corporate Distressed Debt Conference Call

January 3, 2008

Multi-national corporations are accessing a vibrant secondary market to sell their aged and written-off debt. To facilitate these transactions, in-house legal departments are working in conjunction with management in finance, treasury and various business units to create revenue by converting distressed or written down and charged-off credits to cash. Additional benefits to these "one-off" or periodic sales are, among other things (i) diminished or eliminated reserves; (ii) reduced transactional costs; and (iii) improved perceptions of stock and business processes among industry analysts. We will walk the group through a typical transaction and offer insights on how to improve your company's balance sheet and add liquidity through the sale of distressed debt facilities, while simultaneously maintaining the company's fiduciary obligations to its investors.

Bill O'Connor and Prassana Mahadeva will be presenting a discussion entitled "Selling corporate distressed debt to improve the balance sheet and add liquidity" at 3:45pm ET.

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