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Antitrust Claims Against Foreign Firms and Cartels

September 7 - 8, 2006 • Washington, DC

Emerging free market economies and the global market require a new look at international anti-cartel enforcement. The U.S. government's rate of amnesty applications is at an all-time high, and in turn, there are an increasing number of cartel convictions. However, there are still cartel members who continue to conduct business illegally. Detecting this cartel activity and deciding what action to take is an increasing concern for antitrust practitioners. Antitrust lawyers are more involved in counseling and litigating such cases, and need to understand not only the laws and regulatory environment where foreign cartels operate, but also international regulations and business practices. This program will provide attorneys with the tools for detecting foreign-based cartels, and with facts to consider before taking action. It will provide an understanding of factors leading to increased international cartel activity and new techniques for investigations and litigation. The conference faculty will discuss recent enforcement and will look ahead at policies that might change business in the future. ~ Program Co-Chairs: Willie L. Hudgins, Jr., Esq. and William A. Isaacson, Esq.

What You Will Learn

  • Detecting cartel activity
  • Deciding what action to take and when
  • Understanding international and business practices
  • National and international cartel regulation, and significant enforcement actions
  • Policies that might change business in the future
  • New techniques for investigation and litigation Initiatives to recover damages: practical issues in discovery 


Daniel A. Sasse will be participating in a panel discussion, Significant Recent Enforcement Actions and Their Implications at this two-day event.

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