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American Conference Institute's 10th Advanced Forum on Import Compliance & Enforcement

January 21-22, 2016 • Washington, DC

Starts: 7:30 AM on Jan 21
Ends: 5:15 PM on Jan 22
Site: Westin Washington, DC City Center

Meeting U.S. customs law requirements can be challenging, time-consuming, and very costly for importers if not done right. Non-compliance with customs laws can result in civil and criminal penalties, denial of entry, seizure and destruction of goods. It is imperative for importers to have a solid protocol for applying the critical rules on a day-to-day basis.

American Conference Institute’s highly acclaimed 10th Advanced Forum on Import Compliance & Enforcement is a sophisticated and practical conference that will guide you through the challenges of import compliance and how to interact with and respond to U.S. Customs and Border Protection and other government agencies.

Highly complex issues such as valuation, assists, classifying parts of product, and FTAs continue to challenge even the most seasoned import compliance professionals. At the same time, Centers of Excellence, ISA, and recent CBP penalty trends will surely impact importers’ compliance programs going forward. This unique event is designed to provide attendees with a comprehensive benchmarking experience, where participants can exchange best practices and lessons learned to put into practice now.

The agenda will cover the most critical compliance issues impacting your import operations. The program has been uniquely designed to delve into your most pressing compliance issues through practical insights, case studies, Q&A and hands-on exercises. Key sessions include:

  • Advanced Topics in Customs Valuation- Focus on Post-Entry Price Adjustments, Related Party Transactions, Assists and Other Complex Issues that Can Lead to Costly Mistakes
  • Advanced Topics in Classification – How to Decipher Intricate Classification Issues
  • Statistical Sampling in Prior Disclosures: Understanding the Methods and Benefits while Avoiding Common Errors
  • How to Properly Classify and Value Goods Related to Research & Development
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