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AHLA - Exclusionary Conduct Part II: The Current Landscape of Provider vs. Hospital Litigation

May 5, 2009 • Teleconference

Historically, more private antitrust litigation in healthcare was initiated by physicians and other providers excluded from hospitals than from any other source. Over the last decade this litigation has continued almost unabated. But, during this time, providers have broadened their attack. Now physicians are likely to sue not just hospitals who exclude them from medical staffs, but health plans and payors who exclude them from their provider panels. Hospitals, too, have brought such litigation—so while hospitals initially were defendants in litigation where exclusion was the issue, now they often are plaintiffs as well.

This teleconference series will address what has changed in exclusion cases. Part II will address the traditional setting in which exclusion arises: the exclusion of a provider from a hospital (or the limitation of that provider’s rights to attend to patients in the hospital).

Christine White is the moderator of this teleconference.

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