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ACI's Maximizing Pharmaceutical Patent Lifecycles

October 7 - 8, 2009 • New York, NY

The Pharmaceutical Patent Endgame is in the midst of a radical metamorphoses being shaped by forces here and abroad.

A new pharmaceutical patent paradigm is emerging.

Be part of the one event which for nearly a decade has shaped industry policies and patent strategies for both brand name and generic drug companies.

This 10th American Conference Institute event on Maximizing Pharmaceutical Patent Life Cycles will bring you the thoughtful and targeted commentary and in-depth analysis that you have come to expect from this industry leading conference. This year’s conference will help you prepare for the sweeping changes currently underway.

Teresa Rea is the Moderator of a segment entitled "Patents, Pharmaceuticals and Political Considerations: Patent Reform and the Pharmaceutical Industry: Anticipating and Adapting to Change."

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