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ACI's 8th National Litigating, Settling & Managing Asbestos Claims

June 21 - 22, 2007 • Las Vegas, NV

Recent developments in the asbestos arena have triggered even more uncertainty for litigators and claims counsel. Some jurisdictions have seen dramatic tort reform initiatives and, therefore, dramatic shifts in receptiveness to various plaintiff and defense theories. In the face of these and other changes, even the most experienced and tested asbestos participants find it necessary to constantly hone their litigation and discovery skills; find new and creative ways to bring claims, defend claims and settle disputes.

Has asbestos fatigue caught up with the judicial system? Will states continue to act in the face of non-action by the federal government? How will such “patchwork” tort reform affect future and existing asbestos claims? Don’t be caught off guard by one of the most resilient and complex mass torts to enter the courthouse door. American Conference Institute’s Litigating, Settling and Managing Asbestos Claims conferences are renowned for their expert insight, sophisticated analysis and intimate networking opportunities. Be a part of this year’s event and stay on top of the latest issues, experts and science:

  • How will tort reform initiatives impact this litigation?
  • What tactics do leading asbestos judges consider effective in their courtrooms?
  • The best strategies for insurance companies involved in the major bankruptcies
  • What are successful theories and defenses to the claims against general contractors and property owners?
  • How have rulings on expert evidence admissibility and x-ray screening changed the litigation landscape?
  • What are the current evidentiary standards for medical experts?
  • Strategies for reducing the exposure to bad faith

Take this opportunity to hear from and network with those on the front lines of asbestos claims.

Mark Plevin is one of the speakers at this conference. The topic will be "Quantifying Asbestos Exposures: Assessing and Preparing for Future Liabilities.

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