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ACI - Positioning the Class Action Defense for Early Success

September 23 - 24, 2009 • Phoenix, AZ

In an era where classes are being certified which contain hundreds of thousands of plaintiffs, there is no question that class action litigation presents the highest risk for a company to defend against, in terms of both exposure and litigation expense. Yet, in spite of this, many companies have been slow to realize that an aggressive defense strategy may be the best possible recourse. In order to counter the ongoing attacks by plaintiff attorneys, taking an uncompromising approach early on to defeat the plaintiff’s case on the merits is often the best strategy for defendants and their counsel. Designed to provide you with cutting edge strategies on how to successfully defeat class action litigation early on, American Conference Institute’s Positioning the Class Action Defense for Early Success, will provide you specific, tactical suggestions for achieving early and advantageous disposition of class action litigation.

Lynn Parseghian is speaking on a panel titled "Insights from the Trenches: Determining Early On What Your Client's True Pressure Points are While Outlining a Defensive Strategy That is Both Cost and Reputation Conscious."

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