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3rd Annual European Medical Device Reimbursement Conference

January 23-24, 2012 • Brussels, Belgium

Throughout Europe, medical device corporations are working towards integrating new technologies as quickly and as effectively as possible. As the market has continued to expand, executives are continually looking to find new strategies for addressing the myriad delays and set-backs that they face in bringing these products onto the market. While a unified system is far from coming into reality, manufacturers are striving to set a single pathway for gaining reimbursement for their new and existing product offerings. 

A key strategy that will be discussed during this program is setting that single pathway for successfully integrating new products into the market. Rather than delving into specific case studies examining each individual country or market, case studies will examine specific products that have seen wild successes in their integration processes. Through the careful discussion and debate surrounding these product success stories, executives will have a far more thorough understanding of what needs to be accomplished within their own organizations in order to match these successes.  

Christian Dekoninck will speak on "Legal implications & compliance in the sale & marketing of medical devices in Europe."

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