Background - News & Events (Landing) 2016

"Investment Claims," Oxford University Press

online publication. Editor-in-Chief: Ian A. Laird.

"A Potent Weapon For Fighting False Ad Claims At 9th Circ." Law360

May 24, 2017. Authors: Michelle Gillette, Josh Foust.

"Not Your Grandfather’s Suspension & Debarment: How Contractors Can Prepare For and Defend Against Today’s Exclusions," Crowell & Moring's Government Contracts Legal Forum

May 22, 2017. Authors: David B. Robbins, Angela B. Styles and Peter J. Eyre.

Webinar: The Art Of Contracting: Tools and Tips for Identifying and Avoiding Common Traps in Commercial Contracts - Part 2

May.24.2017. Presenters: Ed M. Baum, Paul J. Pollock, Alan Howard, and Ilana Lubin.

"What Trump Means for Business," Crowell & Moring Webinar

May.24.2017. Presenters: Angela B. Styles, W. Scott Douglas, Paul M. Rosen, Evan D. Wolff, Thomas A. Lorenzen, Christine M. Clements, Daniel Cannistra, and David B. Blair.

"Selling Your Business: From Founding to Managing Sale Proceeds," Crowell & Moring Webinar

May.19.2017. Presenters: Richard B. Holbrook Jr., David B. Robbins, Sam Garbia, Marc Marlin, and Rick Schultz.

Time For Calif. To Require Licensure Of Athletic Trainers

May.26.2017 — Law360

Related Professionals: Kevin C. Mayer

IBM, Goodyear, DirecTV Still Owe 'Retroactive' State Taxes

May.23.2017 — Bloomberg BNA

Related Professionals: Jeremy Abrams

Budget Hits Health IT Priorities At ONC, OCR, AHRQ Back

May.22.2017 — Politico Pro

Related Professionals: Jodi G. Daniel