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  • University of Michigan, B.S. chemical engineering (1998)
  • Brooklyn Law School, J.D. (2010)


  • District of Columbia
  • New York
Aaron Marx, Associate Washington, D.C.
Phone: +1 202.624.2751
1001 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20004-2595

Aaron Marx is an associate in the International Trade Group of Crowell & Moring and resident in the firm's Washington, D.C. office.

Aaron's practice focuses on advising clients on all areas of import regulatory compliance, trade remedies, and international trade litigation. His experience covers an extensive range of trade and customs issues, including valuation, classification, duty drawback, marking and labeling, entry procedures, and penalties; free trade agreements; antidumping and countervailing duty issues; trade litigation; intellectual property issues such as trademark and copyright infringement; and the enforcement of exclusion orders issued by the International Trade Commission (ITC).

Before joining Crowell & Moring, Aaron worked for U.S. Customs and Border Protection as an attorney advisor in the Office of International Trade. He spent three years in the Tariff Classification and Marking Branch and over a year in the Intellectual Property Rights Branch. His primary focus was the issuance of dozens of ruling letters related to tariff classification, country of origin marking, trademark and copyright infringement, and the application of general and limited exclusion orders. He also worked with the World Customs Organization (WCO), providing analysis and support on numerous agenda items at the Harmonized Systems Committee meetings in Brussels, as well as the Review Sub-Committee and Scientific Sub-Committee. He was part of the team which negotiated the ITA II agreement with the World Trade Organization in Geneva, and he provided analysis as to whether proposed language could be administered by Customs. Finally, Aaron provided litigation support for several high profile cases, such as Alcan Food Packaging v. United States and Otter Products, LLC v. United States.

While in law school, Aaron worked for two years at a boutique patent prosecution firm, drafting responses to USPTO actions, information disclosure statement documents for submission, and communicating with clients and foreign associates. He also spent a semester working for the Environmental Protection Agency, Region 2 Office of Regional Counsel, researching various Resource Conservation and Recovery Act related topics and drafting legal memoranda, and another semester as a clerk for Hon. William H. Pauley III, District Court Judge, U.S. District Court, in the Southern District of New York.

Before embarking on his legal career, Aaron worked for nine years as a chemical engineer in the automotive industry. After receiving his B.S.E. from the University of Michigan, Aaron worked for the Gates Rubber Co. for two years, managing the design and development of several different types of hydraulic hoses. Aaron left Gates to work for SaarGummi Americas for four years, designing automotive rubber weatherstrips for multiple vehicle programs. When SaarGummi Americas went out of business, Aaron left to work for the Hyundai America Technical Center for three years, where he was responsible for engineering all rubber products on Hyundai and Kia vehicles, researching design improvements, performing new technology investigations, quality control analysis, and cost reductions.


Admitted to practice: District of Columbia, New York

Speeches & Presentations

  • "Sports Developments in Trade Law: Impact of Potential New Border Taxes on Imports; Plus, How to Combat Infringing Imports and Comply with New Forced Labor Laws," The Sports and Fitness Lawyers Team Presents: Zone Defense, Las Vegas, NV (February 6-7, 2017). Panelists: John B. Brew and Aaron Marx.
  • "This Year in Trade – What's Ahead in 2017?" Webinar, Crowell & Moring's First 100 Days Series (January 18, 2017). Presenters: Benjamin Blase Caryl, Paul Davies, Maria Alejandra (Jana) del-Cerro, Charles De Jager, Carlton Greene, Robert L. LaFrankie, Aaron Marx, James (J.J.) Saulino, Alexander H. Schaefer, and David (Dj) Wolff.
  • "This Year in Trade - Fall Update," Crowell & Moring Webinar (October 8, 2015). Presenters: Adelicia R. Cliffe, Paul Davies, Charles De Jager, Maria Alejandra (Jana) del-Cerro, Lindsay Denault, Frances P. Hadfield, Aaron Marx, Glen G. McGorty, James (J.J.) Saulino, and Alexander H. Schaefer.

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