Strong For Those In Need

Pro bono publico means for the public good. From day one, we challenged ourselves to live up to this phrase; to create a law firm committed to forming strong, long-lasting relationships and working hard to improve the communities that surround us. Crowell contributes more than 40,000 hours in pro bono legal services annually to the indigent and suffering in our local communities and around the world. We take pride in the variety of pro bono work we do and the relationships and development opportunities pro bono provides for our attorneys. We focus on giving a voice to those who might not otherwise be heard: the homeless, children, immigrants, individuals seeking justice in the criminal system, and victims of domestic violence. Our lawyers have the freedom to build their pro bono practices and to focus on areas of importance and significance to them. Our dedication to pro bono and public service is a core part of who we are as a firm. We take pride in the variety of work we do to give a voice to those without access to justice.

Pro bono is for the good of all those in need.
Because in helping others, we also help ourselves.